Mad about Boots, Trainers and the MEN that wear them

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Fin-Dom (Financial Domination) has been around for some time although perhaps called something else!

I first saw a site back in 2012 and joined to have a look but it didn't really interest me then, and still doesn't today although it has become much more sinister and predetarory recently, spilling over into the mainstream and even appearing on chat apps such as Skype.

This is mainly due to 'straight' men signing up and taking advantage of the supposedly well-off gay community and their 'pink pound'. While some gay men may have money to spend like this, I would suggest many don't and don't wnt to take part but, from my experience, some of them can be VERY intimidating!

Of course, I'm not saying it should be stopped and i assume it is only carried out 'with consent' but i have seen large sums of money - 1000;'s of pounds -being paid for what seems like very little, if anything, in return.

Each to their own, I suppose..


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