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i saw a great e-stim device in use recently which could be controlled remotely.
i had aplay with the person on the other end who was on webcam so i could see the results as I adjusted the intensity and rate of the two electrodes and it gave me an idea..

if i were to buy one, sat in a chair with my legs bound open exposing my cock and balls, the camera could be setup to focus on my cock & balls.
As it would be just too easy to opt-out if it got too much, i have an 'ice-lock' which is kept frozen in the freezer and, with a set of cuffs, i could secure my hands to the chair behind my back which would keep me 'trapped' until the ice melts and the lock releases.

Before this, i would have to publish the address of the controling site and then let someobody else control my arousal for at least a couple of hours (until the ice melts)
it would also stop me from releasing immediately if/when i should cum!


If anyone is interested in trying this, let me know:-)


The device can be bought here (i have no affiliation with the store whatsoever)


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